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What is
With you can easily collect, manage and publish webcontent.

We offer you the opportunity to shorten a long website address or to collect several to one virtual folder(Web Container). Our system chek the online status of download links more than once a day, so that your visitors and you have always an overview of your files availability.

An account on is free and you can delete it at any time..

You take with your published content automatically part on our affiliate program to earn money.

What means the container- / Link status?
Container- / Link status:

Unknown - Container / Link is still waiting for status check or hosting is not supported.
Online - Container / Link is online.
Offline - Container / Link is offline


Partially - Partially online, because one or more files are offline / sind.
Dont Exist - This container does not exist.
On which hosting the status is supported?
The status and the file size can be reviewed at the following hosters: cloudlocker.bizEarn money
We are constantly working to enhance our statuscheck. Is your favorite hoster missing? Send a request by clicking on "Request". Surely we can fulfill your wish.

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How works Click'N'Load 2 (CnL2)?
To make it even easier to download, the jDownloader Team has developed Click'N'Load 2. In contrast to CNL1, the current CNL2 is safer, faster, more convenient and platform independent.
In cooperation with the jDownloader team, we are pleased to present you this function as the first.
If a container, has activated CNL2 encryption, you need only must start the latest and click on the click 'N Click ' Load button. Already you can easily download files with jDownloader.
Which visitors are compensated?
Remuneration policy at a glance
  • arrow2Any visitor can generate within 3 hours only one valid fade. This applies to the entire Relink network and not only on individual accounts Relink.
  • arrow2A rebate will only take place if the visitor is carrying out the advertisement in full size and those after at least 3 seconds before closing.
The amount of compensation depends on the type of your generated container as well as the countries of the visitors.
  • arrow2Generally, we pay at least 1 Euro / TAI for all container. We speak of a basic compensation.
  • arrow2You can increase the basic compensation by using of various services that stand out through specific cooperation and outstanding commission systems from other services.
  • arrow2If you use a captcha or a visitor password with your container, you increase not only the security against tools and Linkgrabber. You raise the advertising opportunities and therefore you raise again your salary.
  • arrow2The final amount of your salary is determined by the countries of your container visitors. This depends on the current market situation and will update regularly. The German-speaking countries are the most effective market so you get eg for Germany 100%
You can contribute actively to optimize your level of remuneration. You will always find the current remuneration rates and country overview in our
Why does not every visitor is counted?
If not all your visitors can be rate, there are various reasons.
The counter oft your filehoster has opther criteria and counts visitors occasionally. Filehoster count visitors generally without locks.
Once the visitor leaves their folders too quickly or it passes too quickly, the layers advertising could not show. Therefore be no contest.
The visitor has previously opened within the 3 hour reload lock a container of another member. Visitors will be evaluated throughout the Relink network only once every 3 hours and not per account.
If your visitors are using plugins like Adblock and block our ads, will not be paid.
If Javascript is disabled in the visitor, will also not be paid because the advertising may not appear.
At what point can I withdraw my earnings?
Already from 25 euro a payout can be applied as bank transfer or paypal.
Also among them we offer a selected assortment of goods on which you can exchange against your balances.
How long does a payout take?
The maximum Payout time is 31 days. Depending on circumstances, may also occur within 24 hours of a payout. We are always keen to keep the payout time as short as possible.
How works the Container statistic?
To avoid confusion with the remuneration; only every compensated visit is introduced into the statistics.
Since we are the visitors who open your container, no-cost per user for all users, but together, it can happen that the call statistics does not cover every user, as it was seen even on one container to another user.
One Click Hoster unlike Relink, worth every click of a user, so it may well be that your hosting indicates a different value in the statistics as relink.
What is the password for the container / file XYZ?
Unfortunately, we can help you with password questions. Please contact the author of the container / file.
What's up with the classes?
The classes are based on the activity of a user to provide all users with the highest TAI. There are 4 classes with different multipliers. Through inactivity can be graded into lower classes.
Class XmultiplierDowngrade after
Class 11 
Class 20,7530 days of inactivity
Class 30,545 days of inactivity
Class 4060 days of inactivity

The multiplier refers to the TAI of each country. 1 stands for 100% of the TAI in the country, 0.75 represents 75% of the TAI in the country, etc.
How can I recover in the remuneration class 1?
To come back into class 1, you only need to be active again (create a container and publish it). After this is done, our system will check you of activities (if you really get to encrypt links, and publish the container, etc.) and thin it will upgrade you again to class 1.
This will take, depending on how active you publish your newly created container, usually 24 hours but can take longer in some cases.
Pin lock: Why should I activate the pin lock for my account?
By locking your accounts, you prevent access by unauthorized third parties to your container administration, password and email address. When the pin Lock is activated, the menu items "general settings" are locked and container can no longer be deleted. All other functions remain available.
Pin lock: How it works?
In your account under the menu item type "General settings" at the bottom in Pin lock enter a five-digit numerical code. No letters or special characters! Only confirm it below with save, and your account is secure. Please keep the code handy, as you need it if you want to access the next time secured functions. Also ensure that you leave a valid e-mail address.
Pin lock: What can i do if i forgot my pin?
Log into your account and under general settings click on the link "Click here to reset the pin". You will receive the instruction to enter your email adress, which you have you deposited on the account. Simply solve the captcha, you already get a verification email to set your pin back.
Can I delete my account again?
Of course, you have the right to delete your account. To do this, follow the link "Permanently delete this account?" under generel settings at the bottom of the page.
What is a Mirror?
A "mirror" is a folder, which you can use to offer multiple containers with the same content (so-called mirror) on different services with only one link.
How can i protect my account against stealing?
Never use the same login data for your email account on other sites or forums. Very often this is the reason why Relink accounts are stolen.


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